Meet The Creator

Sunflower Bloom is an all-natural Sunflower Oil based beauty line of products infused with an array of organic essential oils and herbs. Owned and operated by Coco Roberts, Sunflower Bloom started as just an idea to improve the health and beauty of her and her beautiful daughter’s hair and skincare.


After Coco experienced server trauma to her hair follicles and trying multiple expensive hair growth oils and treatments, specialist said nothing would ever work. In December of 2017 Coco began researching and taking classes on essential oils and natural hair care, from this, Sunflower Bloom was formulated!


During the research for Sunflower Bloom, SunFacial Glow blossomed. In 1995 Coco was involved in a horrific car accident causing her to have reconstructive surgery on her face leaving scars that again specialist said she would live with forever. Through her knowledge and research, SunFacial Glow was birthed. As a young woman with a sensitivity to her hair and facial issues, the thought of starting her own beauty line was initiated in April 2019 and the unique name Sunflower Bloom come from her extreme love of Sunflowers and how your hair and skin will Bloom from all of the natural health benefits the flower provides. After using her own products alongside family and friends, the feedback and results were amazing and the demand for more was nothing more than abundant.


It wasn’t until two years later in April 2021 that Sunflower Bloom was successfully launched! We are focused on formulating unique all natural products and look forward to bringing you more of what Sunflower Bloom has to offer in the near future so we can continue to blossom together!

                                                                                   -Coco Roberts